Amazônia Biodivertida o Game

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Amazônia Biodivertida o Game

Mensagem por baraodopirapora em Dom 22 Mar 2015, 20:39

Amazônia Biodivertida


Plataforma 2D

Have you ever been to the Amazon?

Discovery this super Amazonic fun game.

Its available for free on Google Play for the Android system.


Based on the animated series of Baron Pirapora, you will control the little armadillo called Mane Tatu

The armadillo will take you to amazing places on the northern region of Brazil.

Besides the fun of the game you will travell with the armadillo throug places such The Santo Daime community, on Mapia, un the Upper Xingu Park

Parintins PArty, Ver-o-peso market in Pará, and faces the terrible Matinta Pererira, which is a legendary figure of the Amazonic folklore

Download now and enjoy learning more about Brazilian culture.


Use as setas do teclado.


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